"The relief that comes from facing our worst fears is exhilarating and liberating."

Joseph Campbell’s assertion that “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek,” describes Christine’s own healing journey. Helping others walk through the cave of their fears and into their best life delights her and motivates her wellness practice.

Christine offers intuitive energy healing online and in person, using her training in EFT Tapping, Reiki, and other energy healing modalities. In-person NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback brain training sessions are also available.

Christine’s interest in wellness stretches back to when she graduated as a nurse shortly after finishing high school. She began to study energy healing a few years later, first learning Therapeutic Touch and then becoming certified in Holistic Nursing. Christine went on to train her nursing colleagues in this modality as well as to apply it in her nursing practice in acute and chronic care settings. She worked as a hemo-dialysis and geriatric nurse as well as nurse educator and trainer in both hemo-dialysis and telemedicine before transitioning to classroom teaching and writing. 

Christine has always been aware of the connection between the health of the natural world and human health and wellbeing. When it became clear that our children’s future was in danger from the lack of action on urgent environmental issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, and pollution of all kinds, Christine felt called to take action for the sake of her two daughters and future generations. Her journey as a climate-concerned mother and lobbyist for change brought her full circle back to healing work that began when she graduated as a nurse at the age of 20. She has lobbied in Washington DC and Ottawa, Canada for action on climate change. In 2016 Christine authored her second book, Unfreeze Yourself: Five ways to take action on climate change NOW for the sake of your family, your health, and the planet.

In her healing practice and her life, Christine is deeply committed to exploring the link between personal and collective healing. This includes making time to celebrate the world we have now while working to create a livable future for our children and grandchildren.

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