Ignite Your Power: Terrea Lynn Hendrickson's Story

Our mutual love for the TAPPING process brought Christine and I together – there’s nothing like sharing your passion with a like-minded soul! When Christine shared her latest (Margaret Lynch) training experience with me, of course I was very curious and intrigued to know more. The actual opportunity to experience this process with her was exciting. At the time, I had been going through some very difficult and uncomfortable feelings, hoping and believing that as the Universal Energy shifted so would I. I understood and loved the power of Tapping, but found myself still questioning how much benefit I would actually get from this process. After all, I’d already done so much personal work!

However, I also accepted that I was stuck – in a major funk and needed some support. Being a Holistic Practitioner myself, I knew it was possible to get beyond this set-back. I knew how important the chakras were to our health and wellness. And I was ready to move out of and beyond this place that had me unsure of WHO I was, WHAT I was supposed to be doing, and WHERE now?

Our first session started with the Root Chakra and took me back to being the scared little girl who was unable to speak up and felt ignored, unwanted and unloved. By the end of this session that little girl felt more relaxed and was even smiling. Later sessions had me re-visit that little girl to allow her to feel safe and loved bringing out her (natural) playfulness. We later were able to unite both Little T and Big T. We moved on with additional Processes which had me look at my physical self and how unaccepting and critical I was of my body, as well as my feelings of being a ‘fraud’ in my own Holistic Practice. This and additional sessions brought in a sense of peace and acceptance of my SELF, honouring who I am and what I have to offer.

As we continued sessions brought to light my worry and stress over finances, as well as my inability to speak my truth. Speaking my truth was something I’d been working on for about 4 years and although I had improved in that area, I knew there was still more work to do. The days following this session had me speaking more confidently AND the irritating on-going cough I’d had for more than a month cleared up! As we progressed, Christine was wonderful in allowing each session to go where it needed to go. At one point, my guilt and shame over not helping or protecting my younger siblings from an angry father was a powerful shift. We looked at my guilt and shame over feeling I was not ‘stepping up to the plate’ with elderly parent needs. As well as my belief that it wasn’t safe to express anger and my fear of being like him (my father). I am most grateful for the work we did on recognizing and allowing my sensuality to come alive. Old beliefs that it wasn’t good or right or proper had to be UNlearned. Stepping into this beautiful personal power brought me to place where I was able to release a relationship that wasn’t serving me – wasn’t fulfilling MY needs. This did bring in MORE of my ‘habits’ of masking my feelings and we worked on my acknowledging this hiding from the sadness and the grief – allowing myself to feel the emotions and then feel comfortable with releasing them.

I absolutely believe that the Tapping has brought major shifting for me. I had no idea WHERE this process would go or what the end result would be. I can confidently say that I know I am feeling and expressing myself in a much bigger way. I feel safe to speak, I feel heard, I feel excited about my life. This ‘work’ has given me a renewed outlook and passion to continue my own Holistic Practice. I know without a doubt that I absolutely have the desire and the courage to help others make positive change in THEIR lives.

Truly grateful Christine!

Love, Terrea

Website: Personal Balance With Terrea

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