Intuitive Energy Healing

Christine’s passion is combining spirituality, intuition, and awakening one’s inner voice with the latest energy healing modalities. Trained as a nurse and an educator, Christine brings a broad life experience to her healing work.

EFT Tapping is an innovative and effective method of resolving the body’s stress responses. Tapping is a powerful mind-body tool that can liberate you from your fears, activate your inner strength, and heal your life. 

Do you have tired old patterns repeating over and over? Are old scripts running your life rather than you? It may be time “reboot” and upgrade your inner programming. This unique transformational process combines EFT Tapping with a deep understanding of the body’s energy system to access and release deeply ingrained behaviour patterns and thought processes instilled during childhood.  

All are welcome to join our FREE Zoom calls are every Sunday at 11 am EST and every Wednesday at 9 am EST, and last approximately 30 minutes. Using the principles of energy healing informed by new discoveries in the “entanglement” of human consciousness, we focus on healing our personal concerns and then extend that healing to the world. 

No previous energy healing experience is necessary. Participant’s privacy is always respected.

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