"Truly Grateful Christine!"

Our mutual love for the TAPPING process brought Christine and I together – there’s nothing like sharing your passion with a like-minded soul! When Christine shared her latest Ignite Your Power Process (Margaret Lynch) training experience with me, of course I was very curious and intrigued to know more. The actual opportunity to experience this process with her was exciting. At the time, I had been going through some very difficult and uncomfortable feelings, hoping and believing that as the Universal Energy shifted so would I. I understood and loved the power of Tapping, but found myself still questioning how much benefit I would actually get from this process. After all, I’d already done so much personal work!

However, I also accepted that I was stuck – in a major funk and needed some support. Being a Holistic Practitioner myself, I knew it was possible to get beyond this set-back. I knew how important the chakras were to our health and wellness. And I was ready to move out of and beyond this place that had me unsure of WHO I was, WHAT I was supposed to be doing, and WHERE now? (Click here to hear more about Terrea’s experience of the Ignite Your Power Transformational Program)

…I absolutely believe that the Tapping has brought major shifting for me. I had no idea WHERE this process would go or what the end result would be. I can confidently say that I know I am feeling and expressing myself in a much bigger way. I feel safe to speak, I feel heard, I feel excited about my life. This ‘work’ has given me a renewed outlook and passion to continue my own Holistic Practice. I know without a doubt that I absolutely have the desire and the courage to help others make positive change in THEIR lives.

Truly grateful Christine!

Love, Terrea Lynn Hendrickson, Website: Personal Balance With Terrea

"I have met my goals and continue to grow and evolve as a person"

A friend recommended I see Christine. She had experienced amazing results with neurofeedback as well as tapping. I was very sceptical at first but also knew I had to do something to change my life. I was in a place of constant stress and continually ruminated on my issues, no matter how big or small.  Initially Christine started me off with neurofeedback. I found it very relaxing and easy. In the state I was in this was the best option for me: Just come in, sit down, hook up and let my brain do the work. Soon I found I was willing to talk about my issues and Christine introduced me to tapping. It felt very weird to me but again I thought “what I have got to lose!”. Each session I found myself healing, becoming happier, growing into my role as a strong business women, worrying less, enjoying more. I could see the changes right before my eyes and it felt like I was doing no work at all. 

At the beginning of my journey I had set some goals I truly wanted to reach: I wanted to love me, quit smoking, stress less, and stop the constant running of my thoughts. I did two rounds (20 sessions in total) of Neurofeedback, some reiki and ended off with Tapping. I have met my goals and continue to grow and evolve as a person. I continue to tap on my own when I am having a tough time and it centers me right back to where I need to be. This tool Christine has taught me will continue to help me for the rest of my life.

Marnie Ratz, Ontario, Canada

"I would recommend any work with Christine"

I have done neurofeedback and EFT with Christine. The neurofeedback was very interesting, it works on a very deep level so I noticed very subtle but deep and lasting effects. The tapping was a more instantaneous change. It works amazingly well if I am feeling anxious or nervous. It instantly calms me. I would recommend any work with Christine, she offers a safe, calm and supportive environment for whatever you bring to the table.

D.C., Ontario, Canada

"Neurofeedback has been life altering for our family!"

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback has been life altering for our family! Our oldest son struggled with anxiety and was diagnosed with high functioning Autism as well as ADHD. He was put on medication and it helped a bit originally and then his episodes of anger and meltdowns got worse where he even mentioned suicide. We took him back to the pediatrician, his medication was changed and there was an improvement in the fact that suicide was no longer mentioned but the outbursts and impulse control issues continued. Our home was very loud and chaotic. Last November I found an article on Facebook about Neurofeedback with Christine Penner-Polle. We decided to give it a shot as we were at our wits end and were thinking that his medication needed to be upped – and sooner rather than later. We got in with Christine quickly and did three sessions in the first week. 

Our son enjoys going to the neurofeedback sessions, so it is no chore what so ever! We noticed changes in him quickly. After his second session dinner was being cooked when he told us he was hungry. Usually there is no saying “wait a few minutes” to him, but this time when we said dinner would be in about 45 minutes and were about to suggest a bowl of mr noodles to tide him over, he replied “I think I can wait” …we were blown away! Other significant changes happened, and we saw that he was more relaxed. There were no more fits of rage and our house became much calmer and quieter. His school report card in November was primary C’s and D’s. In February it was A’s and B’s! To say we are beyond thrilled is an understatement. 

Before starting the neurofeedback, we were getting frequent calls from the school and sometimes having to go pick our son up. We have not had a call since December and he comes home happy and is now joining the school with outdoor recess. This year he participated in the Christmas concert for the first time ever.  We saw the pediatrician again in February and his night medication has been eliminated and his morning medication has not had any change even though he is now heavier. He is eating more and now considers consequences to his actions. He is a much happier child overall and the only thing we did differently was the sessions with Christine.  This has been invaluable, and we cannot say enough good about this.  We just wish we had heard about this sooner!

Ashley Gillespie, Ontario, Canada

"This work with Christine was an emotional breakthrough for me"

When I began working with Christine, my challenge was that I really didn’t know how to start looking for what was blocking me from moving forward in my life. In working with her over six months, I was surprised by the things that bubbled to the surface for healing. I feel like my work with Christine helped me have a stronger sense of myself; it helped me like who I am, flaws and all.

Working with Christine helped me to find hidden issues in my subconscious that I wasn’t even aware I needed to revisit and resolve. I was emotionally guarded at the beginning but with her guidance I was able to safely release emotions that had failed to be validated or accepted by others in the past. When I was able to admit and see the problems that were holding me back, Christine then helped me resolve them.

I appreciate the nonjudgemental and nurturing environment Christine creates (the only thing that would make it even better is more of her fresh mint tea!). Christine walks you through the steps to healing the past in a safe and supportive setting. I felt accepted and honoured by her throughout the Ignite Your Power healing experience, and felt her guidance and support allowed me to grow into more of who I’m truly meant to be.

This work with Christine was an emotional breakthrough for me. Life shows up differently for me now. I feel more in control of my life, and even when I’m not in control I feel I now have the tools in place to work through the issues that come up.

D.S, Ontario, Canada

"I feel fantastic! Thank you Christine!!!"

“Thank you SO much Christine! The tapping and other support during this challenge was incredibly helpful. I can hardly wait until the next one!”

Marney S, Cut the Cravings Challenge Participant, 2018

“That was the best challenge I’ve ever participated in. I feel fantastic! Thank you!!!”

Maria F., Cut the Cravings Challenge Participant, 2018

“If you had told me only a few weeks ago that I would be cutting out sugar and eating low-carb, I would have said you were crazy! Now, I can’t believe how easy it’s been!”

Tammy S, Cut the Cravings Challenge Participant, 2018

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